Sustainable Buildings and Cities

Période : 11 mai 2023 au 12 mai 2023

Lieu : Private University of Fez

Ville/Région : Fès, Maroc

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Résumé :
Over the last decade, the Kingdom of Morocco has experienced exceptional growth in most sectors. When it was formulated in 2005, the proactive strategy of the country, called "Plan Emergence", aimed to revitalize the Moroccan economy on the basis of two essential mainstays. The first corresponds to the reorganization and consolidation of the existing industrial fabric; the second proposes alternatively to focus on other strategic fields (aeronautics, telecom, industrial valorization of local products, agriculture and sea products, etc.).
Actually, we believe that the emergence plan could not be successful without improvement and restructuration of national infrastructure. We are talking here about the buildings, the roads, and related areas such as the water and environment.
Furthermore, energy and ecological constraints are also strategic objectives worldwide. Today, the use of modern physics in scientific and technical research leads to focus more on the eco-design of buildings and the rational exploitation of natural resources.
In this context, Private University of Fez, Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdallah University of Fez and Moulay Ismail University of Meknes organize the second congress on "Sustainable Buildings and Cities" to discuss national and international progress in this field.
The congress on "Sustainable Buildings and Cities" will be an opportunity of exchange between various academic and professional stakeholders. It will focus on scientific and technical development in this field, as well as the necessary regulatory aspects for the implementation and application of good practice on an industrial scale.
The conference will be a hybrid one; In-Person, and Virtual (Online) modes.