2nd conference on Linguistic Diversity and NLP

Période : 16 décembre 2019 au 17 décembre 2019

Lieu : Faculté des Sciences

Ville/Région : Oujda, Maroc

Site web /Email de contact : dilital2019@gmail.com

Résumé :
The aim of DiLiTAL conference is to promote Natural Language
Processing (NLP) in a multilingual context and to sensitize scientific
community of the stakes and obstacles besetting the processing of Poorly
Endowed Languages (PEL). The conference seeks also to show the interest of creating generic tools to treat a very large number of languages, while
identifying the specific needs of each language. Through this 2nd edition, we
would like to give researchers interested in natural language processing the
opportunity to present the various methods and techniques deployed to inject some dynamism into the construction and sharing of resources and to ease knowledge and know-how transfer.