First Moroccan Congress on Mathematics and its Applications

Période : 17 décembre 2018 au 19 décembre 2018

Lieu : Tétouan

Ville/Région : Tétouan, Maroc

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Résumé :
The congress focuses on mathematics and their recent applications to several fields. The purpose
of the congress is to bring together leading experts and researchers in Morocco to propose themes and
to share ideas that currently have great interest in the field of mathematics. The aim of the meeting is also
to provide an opportunity for researchers and practitioners to discuss recent research results that may support
a wide applicability in mathematics. To build a foundation for these discussions, a number of experts has been
invited to talk about their research and deliver seminars for mathematics and its applications. Anybody interested
to participate is cordially invited to join the discussions and to give a presentation on his/her own research in mathematics.