International Conference on Modern Intelligent Systems Concepts (MISC)

Période : 11 décembre 2018 au 12 décembre 2018

Lieu : Faculty of Sciences

Ville/Région : Rabat, Maroc

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Résumé :
In recent years, everyone is talking about Artificial Intelligence and its obvious involvement in almost every field. We think it is the right time to approach this discipline to better contribute to its orientation in the service of humanity. Our goal is to lead Artificial Intelligence to excellence, especially in the MENA region as well as in Africa where, to our knowledge, there is no specialized conference dealing with such topics. The International Conference on Modern Intelligent Systems Concepts (MISC) focuses on Artificial Intelligence (AI), its applications and how AI fields can support societal challenges such as health and well-being, food and nutrition, agriculture, clean energy, transportation and risk management, for critical issues such as climate change, environmental and ecological protection, societal safety, etc. At the same time, the socio-economic context has also favoured the emergence of scams and other cyber-criminal activities. AI can be used to safeguard and protect users from these kinds of threats. AI is potentially offering solutions to many practical issues of everyday life and if well exploited can positively revolutionize the life of the people. MISC aims to put in place sustainable mechanisms to strengthen and promote the cooperation between academics and professionals. It is also a key tool for strengthening industrial cooperation in AI R&D and bridging the gap between research and the market. This Conference is a privileged place for the exchange of ideas, debates and networking between academics and entrepreneurs around the key issues of research, development and innovation in the various fields of Artificial Intelligence and its Applications. This session is therefore intended for start-ups, Designers, Developers, Decision-Makers, Consultants, and of course Master / PhD Students, Researchers and Academics.